S1-6 Programme

About The Play, A note from the director

“Broken Crayons Still Colour”

Is the stimulus we used to inspire our show. As the director, I was incredibly impressed with the depth in which the cast explored this theme, not taking it at face value, exploring mental health, peer pressure, self-image, to name a few of the themes in the play.

They used colours to inspire their characters initially. Can you figure out which colours the characters are based on? The actors should be commended not only for their hard work in devising this original piece, but on how they have grown as troupe of actors, relying on and encouraging each other.

The play runs for 15 minutes and the cast invite you to hang around and hear them sing some songs (To cheer you up after shedding a tear while watching their challenging performance.)



Favourite Actor: Millie Bobby Brown

Favourite Movie: Stranger things or Monte Carlo

How would you describe your character? My character is a pretty, confident and popular perfectionist

In this play there’s a lot of drama and teenage overthinking about how they can’t be themselves and always have to act so fake and different to their real selfs.


Favourite Actor: Mylo Manhelm from Zombies 🤦‍♀️

Favourite Movie: Home

How would you describe your character? She thinks they are a bitty mean with attitude.

The play is good fun, plenty laughter and greatly thought of.


Favourite Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch because I like his role in the marvel movies and how funny he is off camera too.

Favourite Play: Wicked, because the music and the acting always blows my mind no matter how many times I watch it.

How would you describe your character? I would describe the character I am playing as the mum of the friend group. Always checking in on others and always open to be their unpaid therapist.

If I were to describe the play I would say that it’s an insight into peoples minds which show the deeper feelings of the people who may be all around us.


Favourite Actor: Anna Kendrick 

Favourite Movie: Pitch perfect 

How would you describe your character? My character is yellow.

The play shows that people go deeper than their personalities


Favourite Actor: Tom Holland

Favourite play/movie: Dear Evan Hansen

How would they describe your character? Bitchy

How would you describe the play? Depressing


Favourite Actor: Herself

Favourite play/movie: She is super proud of her Dad who is currently starring in ‘Oh When The Saints’ at Perth Theatre so it could be that?

How would they describe your character? She is a spoilt brat

How would you describe the play? There is a party in it.