Perthformance CIC

We are a not for profit Community Interest Company whose vision is to bring opportunity to people in our community of Perth to engage in the arts. We want to inspire and enable our participants to be: creative, community minded, included, confident and empowered.

Our Vision


We believe that people are inherently creative and flourish when enabled to express themselves creatively. We sing before we learn to talk, by nature we tell stories, we arrange the world around us to be beautiful.

We want to provide support and encouragement for people to fulfil their creative potential.  


We invest our time and skill because we believe the arts have the power to create community and connection.

Through participation, we believe we can better understand each other.

Every participant is unique and brings their own skill, talent, ability and personality to our classes.  We want to be a diverse community who instead of competing, champions each other.


We believe inclusion matters and everyone is welcome.

Using the arts, we want to nurture and support all of our participants, this includes enabling access amongst marginalised groups within our community.  

We want to be richly inclusive, trying our best to meet the needs of each participant.


We believe that given the right environment and experience participants can discover how capable they are.

We work hard to develop a supportive and safe environment to enable creative risk taking and personal growth.   


Bringing these strands together, when we are included, feel part of community, learn our true creativity and abilities, we are empowered to face the challenges that come our way.

We strive not just for engagement in the arts but to help people become empowered to fulfil their full potential in all areas of life.